Thing To Know before present your business online and designing your business website

Today every business need to present online, Also its need now a day. Sometime our service and product is best quality but presentation on Internet is poor. That’s makes some doubt for new Client/Customer. We believe that If you want to grow your online business, Audience and business reputation then website is the only way by which you can represent your business in the front of the online world.


In this article, Lets discuss about why website design is important for a business and what are the things you should know before developing the website

There are many factors you need to keep in your mind before start working on your website. Here are the top 10 points that you need to keep in your mind while you are designing a website.


1. Domain Name

Domain name must be related to your business name. Example our Business Name “Arkay App” also we target our use in All over world then we choose “”. Here Domain name and .com both have meaning. Sometime our business focus on country specific like your service area only India then we suggest use “.in” like one our client after see this domain we know this that domain have .au means business and service area located at Australia.

 2. Hosting

A lot of factors should be considered before choosing the web hosting site, including bandwidth provided, security, space and price. The web hosting provider must also have an efficient support service. Click here to know How to choose best web hosting  Now a day cloud hosting is way to for startup.



3. Clean and Responsive Web Design

One of the most important things to remember during the process of website development is to create a clean, appealing design. It will help viewers focus on the value of your brand and content instead of distracting graphics and large amounts of text. Responsive Web Design is an approach to web design that makes web page render proper on variety of devices screen size. That’s means your website content/image display proper on computer/tablet as well as smart phone.


Today on Internet in India 74% user mobile, 25% use desktop and 1% use table Data Source . So we can’t ignore mobile traffic on our business also now Google also rank high which website is responsive.



4. Easy Navigation and Loading of Website

If a website is confusing and difficult to navigate, your customers may leave and never return. User experience should be one of the factors that need to be considered when designing a website. It is important that your website offers the ease of navigation.
When looking for information online, nothing aggravates visitors more than slow loading times. Customers can be turned away completely due to this issue. Make sure while you developing the website remove the unwanted code lines.
Click here to Test your Website loading time

5. Integration Social Media 

I have seen so many big corporate player website that display also social media icon but when user click on that icon page redirect to same page. Also i notice that company social media page created but that are not any update since long time. Social media provides a venue in which customers can promote your brand, provide reviews, and stay in-the-know about your company’s latest news. My suggesting we should at-least one post a month so new client can know this company is active and present on business.


6. Effective Security – Https (Secure)

HTTPS is securing your website also search engine rank high which website have HTTPS certificate. Https have protected to hack your web site. Some hosting company is charge of https but you can get it free is depend on your IT partner. We “Arkay Apps” web designer and developer at Bhuj – Kutch provide all our client to free Https certificate.  


7. Search Engine Optimization

After open new shop, we share template or give advertise on newspaper about your business. Because you know that only open shop is not enough for get new client/customer. Same concept work here, after developing website we need client/customer or user who visit our website and see what we are doing? Also inquiry if need more information on detail of product and services. To get more traffic on our website we need to do optimize our website according search engine. So our website can display on search by our product or service. Most of Web developer not follow this step on website also client not aware of this. As SEO expert suggest without doing proper SEO your site is worthless.  check it out our amazing SEO service at affordable price



8. Content Matters

In Internet Content is a King. Please write brief about your product and service. if you have good/original content then our web site is priority on search engine. I have notice some website have not write proper content for business or whatever written it copy from other website. Because of this search engine not priority your site. So be write your genuine content for your business and product if possible.    


8. Photography

Most important part of your business website is photography. So be client photo or info graphics should be relevant your business. Also not copy from Google, Before add other copied image on website please take license or permission owner of photographer. Also add your product photographic if possible, because that make help full on image search result. Also try to make photo clear and HD photographic that make help full to client check on detail of any product.


10. Google My Business

Last and Most important. Don’t forget to register your business on Google my Business. Google my business provide best functionality to add own business on Google also it’s include Google map. Just need to follow basic step and verification but it make big effect our business on search and location. Our client and customer can find easy our business on Google map and get direction on mobile if we do this.      

All above point business owner should check before live your website. Some time your IT Partner laziness make big effect our business on Internet. “Arkay App” also provide Web Design, Web Development and Digital Marketing Service in Kutch area. We also follow all above point before live our client web or present his business on Internet. Please be touch if any suggestion or like to work same to us.



These are a basic point to keep in mind while developing a website. While designing a website, the first and foremost thing to keep in mind is that the website should be pleasing to the readers and able to capture their attention.

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