Why should Choose WordPress for business Website

Over  19,500,000 websites on the entire web use WordPress technology for his website. This means approx 35% of this entire internet use WordPress. (Source) There are 50,000+ WordPress plugins are listed on official directory, and new ones being continues added daily.

This figure is enough to understand the power of WordPress on Internet.  If we create corporate website or personal blog there no any special change on wordpress. You believed that, WordPress is only for blogger but same technology is for corporate websites.   


Let's understand how to wordpress helps our business.

1. Thousands of professionally designed Theme

ThemeForest, Market of HTML, WordPress Theme, There are more than 11,000 WordPress themes are available. That means, too many options available for select website Design and Look & Feel. There are also categorised on theme based on business like Healthcare, Real Estate, business related theme. We can choose the best suite to us and wordpress developer can customise it based on our requirement.


 2. Dynamic Website

Static website means, All content are hardcode on HTML page. if you change any thing on website, you have to contact the Web Developer/Designer or we should knowledge of HTML language. Where in dynamic website provide admin panel us for any changes on the website. Like change  on Contact detail, About us, Product etc we can do from that admin panel. Not need technical knowledge for change in website.

3. WordsPress Plugin

There are 50,000+ WordPress plugins are listed on official directory. This is a large amount of plugins free/paid available so it saves our lot of time/cost. Like one plugin of Security, SEO Plugin, WooCommerce plugin etc.


35% of this entire internet use WordPress.


4. Shopping Cart for Small Business

Small business have number of products and everone looking for present that product on a website.  if you are looking for create your online shopping cart for your business that WooCommerce WordPress plugin will help to design shopping cart website with order, shipping management with payment gateway. 



5. WordPress is OpenSource

In our business we have to check licence need to purchase before technology used. Here WordPress is open source technology so there are no any licence need to purchase to use on our corporate website. 

Also Server, Database, Operating system (LAMP) are used to host wordpress website are also open source. Like Linux and operating system, Apache as server and MySql as Database and PHP as Programming Language. All stack is open source there is no need to buy a single licence to host wordpress website.



6. No need HTML knowledge for update Website

There are a lot of plugin is available for making drag and drop to design html page. No need to write a single line of code to design page Ex. Page Builder by SiteOrigin helps you. Main problem of static website is that we have to contact Designer/Developer for single change on website but here designer and developer setup wordpress then remaining task we can do.


7. Scalable

511,000+ active members in WordPress meetup groups all over the world and 66 countries and 535 cities is where you can find WordPress meetup groups. This is the largest number of developer is ready to provide support. Website developed on wordpress there are no limits to page, blog post, category, etc. We can also use WooCommerce Plugin for developer our business shopping cart.



8. Hosting & Server Option = Freedom

WordPress provide Freedom of hosting. We can select any operating system hosting like Windows server, Linux or any other linux version of WordPress will work fine. Also LAMP stack is cheapest and open source technology stack, because of this wordpress hosting is the cheapest.   


9. Security

WordPress is the most hacked into CMS of them all. Out of the 8,000 infected websites analyzed in a study, 74% were built on WordPress. Also in 2017, 4000 WordPress websites got infected with malware coming from a fake SEO plugin. Source This figure shows that website build on WordPress is more chance to hack. One question is raised here they why should we choose WordPress?. As Arkay App also provide WordPress development services. We strick follow standard security step for secure our client website. Because of this there too less chance to hacked of effect by malware.  


10. SEO Friendly

We design website because of getting more chances to get business also visibility on Internet. Without SEO website design is worthless. On menaul system of seo is too costly too costly for small business. 

WordPress take care of 80-90% of google crawling issue. Also One SEO Pack moe most popular plugin in WordPress, Also helps to make our website seo friendly. There are also too many seo plugin available that save time and money on SEO. 

We can also write meta-tag, title, description on page for that no need to go on the code side. We can also write image alt tag when image upload time that also save crawling by google.


As we know WordPress to many developers, theme, plugin available on the internet. There are too many spam plugin also available which one target website and  infected with malware on it. Before think on decide wordpress development consultant guide, Who know well about wordpress security. Arkay App  web and mobile app development company helps on WordPress website development and implement security step on WordPress website.



These are a basic point to keep in mind while developing a website. While designing a website, the first and foremost thing to keep in mind is that the website should be pleasing to the readers and able to capture their attention.

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