Reason to choose Digital Ocean cloud server for your business.

DigitalOcean Cloud server popular in a startup as well as a business because it provides multiple compute options to your business with flexibility. There are four types of Virtual Machine (in Digital Ocean its call Droplet.) are available base on your requirement.


1.  Standard:

Virtual Machines with a mix of memory and compute resources. This Droplet is best for small projects that can handle variable levels of CPU performance, like web site, blog, WordPress site, testing project, etc.

2. General Purpose:

This is high-performance virtual machine with a dedicate hyper-thread intel processor and a good balance of memory. This is great choice of a wide range of projects like production workloads like web app hosting, medium-sized database, ERP, e-commerce website, etc.

2. CUP-Optimized:

Compute-optimized Droplet with dedicate hyper-thread from best in class intel processor. Best for CPU-intensive apps like machine learning, ad serving, video encoding, application service, etc.

2. Memory-Optimized:

This server with high RAM with dedicate hyper-thread best in class intel processor. This Droplet is the best suite for high-performance databases, web-scale in-memory caches and real-time big data processing.

Combined with industry- leading price to performance that removes the complextiy from your monthly bill

No Matter what kind of website, application or project that you plan to run on DigitalOcean, DO have the right virtual-machine to power your business. With hourly pricing and flat pricing across all data centers, you can ensure you are paying for the right amount of infrastructure.

Following Digital Ocean products, support is available to run your business smooth.

  • Managed Kubernetes
  • Managed Databases
  • Space Object for Storage
  • Team Management
  • Global Availability

Thousands of companies trust Digital Ocean to run their businesses. Arkay Apps,  Digital Ocean  Solution Partner in India provides Digital Ocean managed, consultants, Maintenace service to India.  let’s connect us for a half-hour free consultant with our expert.  for more detail at OR skype: arkayapps

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How to Host multiple website on One Droplet on Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS.

How to set up multiple domains in one droplet Digital Ocean.

Now DigitlOcean cloud server price is just $5 (350 INR) per month it lowest cost server also you can host multiple website on one single droplet. Here Droplet means one Instance. On Digital Ocean you can choose any size on droplet price are depend on RAM and Storage location etc.

Here today topic we try to explain How to host multiple site on one droplet. We are assume that you have already install LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP).

Note:  Before We start. 
If you don’t have a DigitalOcean account yet, first you should sign up to get one. For new users, DigitalOcean offers a free $20 credit. Click on this link to sign up at DigitalOcean to get the $20 credit.

let’s Start Setting up multiple websites on a Digital Ocean single droplet step by step.

Step #1 : Plz Check A Record on DigitalOcean DNS

Now Login on server through SSH

Step #2 : Make Directory of domain name:

Step #3 : This directory is on root access let’s give permission to current user

Step #4 : Change Mode of www folder.

Step #5 : Create simple index.html file for testing purpose.

Step #6 : Create new Virtual Host File

Step #7 : Edit and set Parameter on Virtual Host file

Step #8 :add this parameter on VirtualHost

Step #9 : Enable the New Virtual Host Files

Step #10 : Restart Apache server

Step #11 :Check your on browser


Hosting multiple websites on a single Ubuntu l14.04-its server is that easy. Remember, you can replicate the idea to host unlimited number of virtual hosts.

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Best Cloud Server for Start Up – Digital Ocean Server

Are you running startup or business? In initial stage while running startup on low cost we searching best service on low cost. For every Information Technology startup need to host his information on cloud for that we need to research How to choose a cloud computing technology for my start up? Today world so many company provide cloud services that make us confuse which one is best for me. Let me share our experience on cloud Infrastructural.

Today in this blog we are going to discusses about the Why Startups should consider Cloud Computing as the Best Hosting Solution and why we as start-up in web design and web Deployment Company chose DigitalOcean cloud server technology for best hosting

Do you know Our team just setup cloud server just 1 days and move all Godaddy to Digital Ocean.

Let’s Talk about what is Digital ocean cloud server and why its best cloud hosting provider in India.

DigitalOcean is a cloud computing platform, providing cloud services. It is very popular with open source developers as it helps to run applications simultaneously on multiple computers. In less than five years, this New York-based startup has become the most popular cloud hosting company among developers because Its user interface is super simple There are just enough links and buttons that give you access to the available functionality to one-click setup for various mixed applications and support the modern Linux distributors like Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, and CentOS.

Why would you consider DigitalOcean over another cloud infrastructure provider?

There are number of reason why you should chose best cloud computing hosting in India as DigitalOcean. So many cloud hosting companies in market who provide the cloud hosting but the no one can provide the SSD cloud server with a low price, which starts at $5 per month. That why we believe Digital Ocean is best cheapest cloud server. Let’s discuss in detail why it’s best private cloud hosting

1. Affordable Price

DigitalOcean design his own price structure start with $5 a month subscription. The least expensive “droplet,” which is what DigitalOcean calls a virtual machine, costs US$5 a month, or about $0.007 cents per minute, and features a single CPU core between 2GHz and 3GHz, 1GB of working memory, 25GB of storage and 1 terabyte of data transfers. There are no any complex price calculation but its most affordable and simple price structure to understand.

2.  Server location and Data Centres


DigitalOcean has total 12 datacentre among them 3 are in New York, 2 san Francisco, 3 Amsterdam, 1 Singapore, 1 London, 1 Frankfurt, 1 Toronto, 1 Bangalore, India. When you have nearest datacentre the content delivery process become fast so your site conversation rate will increase. Let’s have example.

When you search on google. “Website Development Company in Bhuj” first google will find this keyword from nearest database which is India and display the result. What if your website hosted in USA server then google will find India then USA then display the result.

Click here to test the Digital Ocean Server speed so you will get clear idea that Why Digital Ocean Cloud Hosting Stands out as the Best Hosting Solution in India.

3. Well Documented 

Really i am very fan for DigitalOcean Document. DigitalOCean has as best community around world also encourage developer write technical help article.

In cutting-edge technology support is most important here you can launch anything from CoreOS. There also given sample step for launch LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) setup. Also help how to provide basic security step same as other provide.

Digital Ocean have well documented that’s save your lot of time on server setup.

Signing Up a Account with Digital Ocean

If you don’t have a DigitalOcean account yet, first you should sign up to get one. For new users, DigitalOcean offers a free $20 credit. Click on this link to sign up at DigitalOcean to get the $20 credit.

Recent News of Digital Ocean server

Developers do bidding for startup against giants AWS and Google

How DigitalOcean became the world’s second largest web hosting provider 

DigitalOcean gives you more RAM and storage for the same price

DigitalOcean adds free monitoring to its cloud virtual machines DigitalOcean Revamps Compute Plans and Pricing Structure

While Amazon and Microsoft battle in the cloud wars, this startup quietly built a $175 million business by picking up their slack

Ben Uretsky, CEO @ DigitalOcean on Scaling To 1m Customers with No Sales Team

Cloud wars heat up: DigitalOcean goes up against Amazon


By now, you should have a decent understanding of how Digital ocean cloud hosting is the best website hosting for your stratup business. We as Arkay apps is website design and software deployment company based in Bhuj Kutch always ready to give you consulting service for mobile app development start-up.

Let us know of any setups you recommend or would like to learn more about in the comments below!


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