Transform Your Mobile App Idea into reality

Congratulation. A “good” idea has the potential to make money in a given environment.

We do not just provide report work, We think how to implement reality in detail. Make execution plan, Time Frame, Cost and app store policy and UI/UX guild line, etc.

Our team provides a mobile App Consulting service that helps you to execute ideas into reality.

Hire a consultant who helps you solve your problem

Arkay apps have decades of experience in mobile app development.

No of satisfied clients that we have to provide Mobile Apps solution. We have an almost ready common solution, like Push Notification and Authentication strategy, App design architecture.

Our Consultants are not academicians, they are entrepreneurs. We developed that type of Apps and test before on our self after we serve you.

Selecting Best Suite Technology

Choose the right technology is most confusing for every entrepreneur. its is obvious

In the Mobile ecosystem, you hear a lot of buzzwords such as Native Apps, HTML5 Apps, and Hybrid apps.

Also, provide which one app we should developer-first base on your audience. If your target audience is the US then we suggest the first iPhone first but the same Android for India.

App Monetization

App Monetization is a subject of deep study that need to understand user psychology.

App Marketing

App Monetization is a subject of deep study that App Marketing means to make and execute a strategy to get more download from relevant users.

Mobile marketing involves understanding the demographics and psychophysics of the user, come up with techniques and offer where users feel inspired to take the desired action.

Our app Marketing consultant helps to design the best marketing strategy for mobile apps.need to understand user psychology.