Case Study

Satsang Apps

Voxelz the client of Arkay Apps

    1.Client Background/Brief

  • - Satsang App non profit organisation part of Swaminarayan Temple.

    2. Business Need

  • 1. Develop tools spread spiritual message to devote.
  • 2. Develop a web content management platform with of easy use and navigation for end user.
  • 3. Capability to manage page and provide more content by administrative staff and author.
  • 4. Develop mobile app that helps user without internet connection

    3. Solution

  • - As Requirement project develop web and mobile app that provide solution of all exiting problem. Web and Mobile app release on Dec-2016.

    4. Technology

  • - HTML, CCS, jQuery, PHP, Wordpress, Android

    5. Feature

  • 1. User friendly Content Management and backend support.
  • 2. Simple and attractive design which engage user on website.
  • 3. Easy content management system that user can post and create page.
  • 4. Develop Mobile solution that user can read and study without internet

    6. Result

  • 1. All devotee can read spiritual message by web and mobile tech.
  • 2. Make digitalisation of exiting content.
  • 3. Spread all message to fast and easy way.


Voxelz the client of Arkay Apps

    1.Client Background

  • - Shree Ganshyam Academy is CBSC approve KG-1 to STD-12 English medium school spread over 7 acres of lang with hostel.

    2. Business Need

  • - The Client requirement to develop a mobile app that can easily communication app. Through this system school can communicate with parent though mobile app. its’s provide school to organise his event, school holiday, student attendance etc.

    3. Solution

  • - As Requirement of client Arkay provides Android app specially to SGAN, Aim was to connect parents and student and school.

    Parents can easily use the app also view any message from school, attendance of his child, school activity and school holiday calendar on mobile app.

    School can communicate with Admin panel. Also sent message to particular student, group of student or whole school via push notification.

    4. Project Snapshot

      1. Service Provides

    • 1. Client requirement understanding
    • 2. UI/UX design
    • 3. Product development
    • 4. Push Notification

      2. Technologies

    • 1. Android
    • 2. Java, PHP
    • 3. JSON, HTML, CSS
    • 4. MySql, SQLite

      3. Key Success Factors

    5. Feature

  • 1. School Notice Board on Mobile
  • 2. Attendance System
  • 3. School Holiday Plan
  • 4. Student Record Management
  • 5. School Admin App
  • 6. School Event Calendar

6. Mobile App


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